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Do not get sick after the Irma hurricane

Do not get sick after the Irma hurricane

We will tell you what we need to pay attention to after the big hurricane in America. First of all, this hurricane, which is a cold hurricane and comes along with the precipitation on the ocean, can infect you and the place where you are. All you need to pay attention to is antibacterial products and all the goods, houses and clothes that the hurricane affects. Otherwise you will need to be infected with germs and be sick. Because the hurricane impact rate was quite high, the microbial level carried could not be measured sufficiently. So you have to sterilize your house, your car, and all your possessions as much as you can.
Which plants should be used?
You can use lemon to sterilize at home. Very useful and germicidal. In addition, to prevent the flu, mint and lemon juice to boil. Fresh yoghurt also has a lethal effect on microbes. In addition, the ginger-honey mixture can be used to cut a possible cough.
Get past the whole American people.

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