Flu Treatment

Flu Season has been started

Flu Season has been started

We came to the end of summer months. The colds are about to begin. We are now turning around to protect our bodies from external factors.
So we entered the flu season. With the opening of schools, the flu will become an epidemic from time to time. First of all, it is necessary to take measures to protect children. Influenza pandemics are happening quite often in schools. Not only for children, but also for the elderly, those with chronic illnesses and those who have received cancer treatment, are at risk for too many epidemics. Individuals need to take some precautions against the flu epidemic, which usually starts with the autumn season and increases the severity more in winter.

Lemonade, fire-retardant, degree, handkerchief box, constantly sweating child, athlete changing at least 5 times in the night and washing machine running pajamas with pajamas are frequent events during such periods. Even if the child is a little bit in the house, there are all kinds of soup made in the house, but there is still a refrigerator that will not be eaten, and the most stressful season of the year is winter.
Let’s also point out that it is the most common time to get a kettle on the floor.

There are also cases where affected families are affected by influenza pandemics. When you see an influenza epidemic in small children, do not take medicine in many ways, try to treat it more naturally. In other words, influenza in these seasons is the result of weather change, part of the childhood family life. Moreover, the drug is passed in the same period unless you give it. You guys, do not give your children any antipyretics, antibiotics, nasal spreys or anything like that in your head. Because many experts say that the infant is a serious respiratory infection, especially in the elderly and infants may cause fatal results.

Specialists who point out that some groups against vaccination are absolutely vaccinated, recommend that these vaccinations not be used in infants. More natural ways should be preferred for infants and elderly individuals.Alternative natural remedies that should be preferred for influenza infections are:

1. Mixture of mint and lemon in hot water
2. Fresh ginger and honey mixture in warm or hot water
3. Mulberry molasses (hot water or normal edible)
4. Red radish and honey mixture
5. Lemon and honey mixture in hot water

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