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Benefits of goat milk

Benefits of goat milk

Goat milk is known to be the closest milk to the mother in terms of the nutrients it contains. The components it has in it also have close values ​​to the cow. It is made up of 75% of the goat milk proteins and is therefore in the “Casein Milk” group. Because the carotene rate is low, it is whiter than the cow’s milk. The carotene is called Vitamin-A. The goat’s milk has a much higher calcium content than the cow’s milk. It is therefore possible to say that goat juice is a good source of calcium for baby development. Goat milk is an ideal source for baby food production. However, it is necessary to enrich the goat’s porcelain, which is poor in iron, vitamin-B12 and folic acid. The goat is about twice as rich as the cow and the mother in terms of milk-vitamin.

Approximately 99% of goat milk fat consists of triglycerides. Goat juice is rich in short chain fatty acids, making ideal use of goat milk, especially in the feeding of infants whose digestive ability is not yet developed, or the use of baby goat milk products. Nowadays, fabricated baby foods should be avoided. Instead, more natural foods should be consumed. Many bioactive compounds, such as nucleotides, free amino acids and polyamines, are naturally present at high levels in goat’s milk. Goat milk, monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids have a richer content than the cow milk.

Goat Milk contains a lot of minerals

Goat milk can be benefited especially in infant feeding because it better neutralizes the acidity of the stomach compared to cows. Goat milk-based infant formula contains medium-chain fatty acids with high levels of ease of absorption. Smaller fat particles in the goat’s milk facilitate digestion. In addition, alpha-s1 contributes to the preservation of gastro-intestinal health by producing a soft clot, due to the low content of casein. The goat milk, rich in proteins and phosphorus, exhibits a buffering property of acid and alkalinity.

It contains immune system strengthening minerals and vitamins. It gives energy, which can bring back energy lost especially after training. Milk, the most important product of kelp, is an ideal food for children and adults and it is also used as a support in the treatment of asthma, eczema, migraine, stomach ulcer, chronic cataract, frequent vomiting and weight loss. In this context, it is also important to mention the importance in terms of health.

Goat Milk Conjugated Linoleic Acid is also very rich in a fatty acid. This acid is one of the essential fatty acids that are not produced by our bodies. This prevents the functioning of the LPL enzyme, which helps store the acid in the body, and helps to reduce the amount of fat stored in the body. It also plays a supporting role in the use of stored fat as an energy source in the muscles, in decreasing the amount of fat in the body, in increasing lean muscles and muscle mass.

Goat milk, protein content and cow’s milk protein content are similar, but the proportions of protein-forming elements are different. Alpha-s1-casein from milk proteins is an important protein that causes allergies. This protein is much smaller than goat milk in cows’ milk.
Digestion is also easier here because goat milk is easier and quicker to clot than other milking animals such as cows, sheep and sheep. Goat milk is among the dairy products that are not consumed too much because their benefits are unknown. Goat smoking has few side effects and it benefits people in a wide range of health. It is advised to consume raw meat in order to make maximum use of the benefits of goat juice.

Goat milk is a very effective food against inflammation and is also more effective against intestinal infections than other dairy products. It is very useful for the digestive system. Bacteria caused by other dairy products are not caused by goat milk. Goat milk is closer to human body in terms of content. So, digestion is easy, it does not tire. Because it is rich in calcium, it is important for bone health or skeletal health in children and adults. Reduces the risk of getting old bone diseases. It is a food that should be preferred by those who want to lose weight. It plays an important role in burning fat and running the intestines.


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