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10 Super Foods

10 Super Foods

In this article we searched what 10 foods are useful to you and tried to write them.

1. Yogurt: Probiotic bacteria, proteins, rich in vitamins D and B, calcium and other vitamins, combined with super oils such as omega-3, automatically places yoghurt in the first row.

2. Kefir: Kefir is a complete “probiotic bomb”. The most powerful, most effective immune boosting drink known! Even if it does not feel good at the beginning, try again, try again, you will get used to it. Consider using fruity kefir drinks as well.

3. Glaze: All of the pickles are strong, immune-friendly. It is recommended to be consumed especially in winter season.

4. Fish: rich in omega-3 fatty acids, rich in quality proteins, vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium richness places the fish in the third row in the “immune-friendly foods” sequence. Especially prefer fish that grow in small (not baby) and cold waters.

5. Vegetables: Most important of the immune-boosting vegetables are cabbage, cauliflower, radish, garlic and chili. These are followed by mushrooms, spinach, parsley and red beets.

6. Fruits: There are orange-lemon-grapefruit-mandarin, or “citrus fruits”, in the first fruits of the fruit that gives the immune system power. The new star of this list is “Pomegranate”. This must be the banana in the list.

7. Nuts and seeds: The first of the nuts that strengthens the immunity has almonds. It would be appropriate to add nuts and walnuts to the list. However, since they are loaded with calories, it is beneficial to consume them carefully. Flaxseed is the strongest of the greasy seeds. The cause is also rich in omega-3. It’s watching the sunflower core. Do not forget to add either of them to your salads or kneaded.

8. Turnip and Boza: Both are traditional foods rich in probiotic and prebiotic. Both delicious and tasty. The turnip is a bit luckier because it can be consumed in summer and winter. Also, the antioxidant power is more than the decay.

9. Tea: Green or traditional black tea, both of which are immune friendly for you to drink. You can also add lime, ginger and cinnamon tea to this list. If you want a more cool list, try the echinacea and rosehip tea!

10. Prebiotic foods: The most mature bananas, okra, leeks, apples, yer elmasi, beetroot, celery are the most important ones.

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