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What is Kefir and its benefits?

What is Kefir and its benefits?

img_5462Kefir is a probiotic product of North Caucasus origin. Kefir’s history dates back hundreds of years. The past is very rooted and tastes like a rough look. When I wondered and looked at it, I saw that the benefits did not stop counting. The most important feature of kefir is to strengthen the immune system. Thanks to the probiotic substances found in kefir, it is very useful and important for human health.

Kefir is a product with foaming properties during the fermentation process. The first priority was made from the milk of the goats in the mountainous regions of the North Caucasus, later consumed from cow and sheep’s milk and spread to the whole world. According to a research done, 2 probiotic bacteria in yogurt and 25-30 kefir.


How to Use Kefir?

If you are drinking for protective purposes; At least one glass of kefir should be consumed during the day. The amount depends on the age, weight and height of the person to be used. Kefir is definitely not a drug eye. It should be regarded as a beverage type and should be consumed with meals or arbitrarily. People who are experiencing weight problems can ferment kefir without oil. If consumed for treatment; more than one cup a day should be drunk.

Here are the benefits;

  • It is very effective in bone development, especially in dental formation and development.
  • It is very effective on the healthy processing of the tissues and on the development of the muscles.
  • Kefir, which strengthens the immune system, protects the body against infections and provides a more vigorous body.
  • Since it is useful in tooth development, it also prevents the formation of bruises.
  • In nervous diseases, psychological disorders, tension has a relaxing effect.
  • It has a positive effect on anemia. Even the nails that have lost their health due to anemia are brought back to their old power.
  • It is very useful for eye health. It affects the healing of visual acuity.
  • It provides hormone balance during puberty and is effective in the neck.
  • It forms an excellent source of energy for body wasting.
  • It is effective on brain cells. Activates the cells and increases the concentration.
  • It provides weight control. It is an obstacle to excessive weight gain and excessive weight loss.
  • It ensures that the protein synthesis takes place during the digestion in a positive and complete sense.
  • It removes the disorders that occur in the intestinal flora. It provides bacteria balance.
  • Very useful on the skin. It shines the skin and prevents oiling.
  • It repairs broken tissue. Your wounds help your cuts heal faster.
  • It keeps the water level in the body balanced and prevents sweating and thirst.
  • It is effective on sexual power and ensures the continuity of sexual life.
  • It has an important role in the prevention of heart diseases such as vascular stiffness.
  • It also balances cholesterol and protects your heart health for a long time.
  • It is effective for people who have received chemotherapy for some reason to protect their strength and to have a healthy diet.
  • It prevents cramps and disorders in the muscles.
  • It dissolves and dissolves fatty tissue. It is naturally effective in eliminating cellulite.
  • It provides the necessary hormonal balance for reproduction.
  • Stomach diseases, acid and secretions are improved and have protective effect.
  • By ensuring that hair is healthy; they spill and cover.
  • By cleaning the body in cases of poisoning; throw away
  • Antioxidant effect and antioxidants; it facilitates the absorption of various vitamins by the body. It also allows the cells to be renewed.
  • It allows the menopausal period to be passed more comfortably.
  • It causes resistance to Alzheimer’s disease by its protective effect on the brain.
  • Cancer types have preventive effects on prostate and intestinal cancers.
  • Prevents chronic fatigue.
  • There is a memory boost effect. It easily concentrates attention on the subject.
  • It guarantees a happy life with a peaceful effect.
  • It prevents nervous diseases. Hand tremors, muscular problems, paralysis.
  • It passes from the eye diseases to the cataract and helps in the healing phase.
  • It detoxifies and helps to remove harmful substances from the body.


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